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A Comparison of Child Molesters and Nonsexual Criminals: Risk Predictors and Long-Term Recidivism

August 1995:

The present study compared the long-term recidivism of 191 child molesters and 137 nonsexual criminals. Overall, 83.2% of the nonsexual criminals and 61.8% of the child molesters were reconvicted during the 15- to 30-year follow-up period.

The two groups tended to be reconvicted for distinct types of offenses. Almost all sexual offense recidivism was in the child molester group (35% vs. 1.5% in the nonsexual criminal group). The nonsexual criminals, in contrast, were responsible for almost all the nonsexual violent recidivism.

In general, prior offenses of a specific type predicted future offenses of the same type. Overall, the results support the utility of developing specialized approaches for understanding and managing child molesters. ..Source.. by R. KARL HANSON, HEATHER SCOTT and RICHARD A. STEFFY

"Almost all sexual offense recidivism" indicates the opposite group was responsible for some sex offenses. Now, how did they chose who would participate in the study, and, what was their criminal backgrounds?

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