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Adult Sex Offender Management

July National:

Prevention and intervention strategies for sexual offending behavior, including sex offender management, have become increasingly prominent and important in the United States.

The concept of sex offender management has been conceptualized under the construct of a Comprehensive Approach to Sex Offender Management (CASOM) by the Center for Sex Offender Management (CSOM). The CASOM model includes the fundamental principles of a victim-centered approach, specialized knowledge and training for professionals, public education, monitoring and evaluation of strategies, and multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as the critical components of investigation, prosecution, and disposition; assessment; treatment; supervision; reentry; and registration and community notification (CSOM, 2007).

Despite the intuitive value of using science to guide decisionmaking, laws and policies designed to combat sexual offending are often introduced or enacted in the absence of empirical support. However, there is little question that both public safety and the efficient use of public resources would be enhanced if sex offender management strategies were based on evidence of effectiveness rather than other factors.

This brief addresses sex offender management for adult sexual offenders. It summarizes what is scientifically known about the topic and identifies policy implications, knowledge gaps, and unresolved controversies that emerge from the extant research and that might serve as a catalyst for future empirical study. ..Continued.. by Christopher Lobanov-Rostovsky, The SMART Office

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