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Assessment, Treatment, and Supervision of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Problematic Sexual Behaviors

March 2015:

Professionals providing treatment, supervision, and management to adult persons who have sexually offended recognize the unique needs of those individuals who have concomitant intellectual disabilities and problematic sexual behaviors (IDPSB).

Problematic sexual behaviors are defined in this context as sexually offensive conduct that places either the client or others at risk for harm or social prejudice. The prevalence of persons with IDPSB varies between studies, but the results suggest that persons with IDPSB are over-represented in the criminal justice system.

As a result, many practitioners providing assessment and treatment services to adults who have committed sexual offenses will at some point encounter persons with IDPSB. In this document, the following areas related to persons with IDPSB are explored:
•Standardized assessment
•Promising and effective treatment interventions
•Specialized supervision consideration

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