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Registration, Residency Restrictions, and Community Notification: A Social Capital Perspective on the Isolation of Registered Sex Offenders in Our Communities

March 2015 National:

This article highlights the importance of social capital for registered sex offenders who are reintegrating back into their communities. Although not always identified among community corrections, the sex offender registry creates a punitive atmosphere that diminishes the amount of available social capital for all involved—community members, sex offenders, and the government. Lost social capital contributes to recidivism, reentry problems, and mental health issues among registered sex offenders.

We argue that deterrent and protective features of the sex offender registry are overemphasized and the goal of reintegration has been undermined. The loss of social capital exacerbates
  • (1) the minimization of trust,
  • (2) low expectations of rehabilitation and reentry,
  • (3) limited contact and information from role models,
  • (4) increased access to criminal capital,
  • (5) formal sanctioning power of the registry, and
  • (6) loss of sanctioning power from family and communities.

Through this in-depth analysis, we argue that the current state of the registry system harms the social capital of all involved when a sex offense occurs—not just the offender—and we assess directions for future practices, as well as policy implications. ..Source.. by Danielle Tolsona* & Jennifer Kleinb

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