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West Virginia Sex Offender Study

November 2001 West Virginia:

Executive Summary:

Over the next ten years, an estimated 147 sex offenders will be released from West Virginia’s state prisons each year, over 1 inmate every 3 days. Although paroled sexual offenders can receive psychological treatment and be monitored and assisted by parole officers, the percent of sex offenders released on parole has been lower than any other offender group.1 As a result of increased maximum sentences for incest and sexual assault that took effect July 1, 1991, more sex offenders are expected to be paroled rather than discharged. Previously, the sentences were 5-10 years for incest, 15-25 for 1st degree sexual assault, and 10-20 for 2nd degree sexual assault.2 Under these sentences, inmates could be eligible for discharge before parole eligibility.3 Given that released sex offenders lose little of their good time4, sex offenders sentenced before these changes occurred are likely to discharge their sentence, rather than be released on parole. One sex offense, when a parent, guardian, or custodian allows sexual abuse to be inflicted upon a child who is less than 16 years of age (§61-8D-5a), retains a 10-20 year sentence. Those sentenced for this crime could be eligible for discharge prior to parole eligibility.

Nearly 40% of sex offenders currently on probation, on parole, or in prison admitted that they had previously committed a felony sex offense as an adult and reported that they had no relationship to the criminal justice system at the time of their current sex offense. This suggests that more can be done to prevent re-offending by known felony sex offenders. Additional research that tracks a cohort of released sex offenders should be conducted to determine the recidivism rate of released sex offenders.

This report summarizes sex offenses reported to law enforcement, sex offenders in criminal justice custody or supervision, admissions to and releases from correctional facilities, registered sex offenders, and sex offender treatment providers.

For the remainder of this report: by West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety

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