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Female Sex Offender Recidivism: A Large-Scale Empirical Analysis

September 2009:

Using a sample of 1,466 females convicted of a sexual offense in New York State, the current study explored the following: (a) offending prior to the commission of the offenders’ first sexual offense, (b) rates of recidivism following their first sexual offense conviction, and (c) factors associated with the likelihood of sexual recidivism. Results showed the recidivism rates of female sex offenders to be lower than those of male sex offenders for all types of recidivism studied (any rearrest, felony rearrest, violent [including violent sexual] felony rearrest, and sexual rearrest). Several significant differences were found between the group of female sex offenders who sexually recidivated and the group who did not, including crime of first sexual conviction and measures of prior offending.

For the remainder of this paper: by Jeffrey C. Sandler, University at Albany, Albany, NY, USA -AND- Naomi J. Freeman, New York State Office of Mental Health, NY, USA

A Journal of Research and Treatment, Vol. 21, No. 4, 455-473 (2009)
DOI: 10.1177/1079063209347898

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