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Recidivism of Prisoners Released in 30 States in 2005: Patterns from 2005 to 2010

April 22, 2014 NCJ 244205
with updated
December 2016, NCJ 244205:

Examines the 5-year post-release offending patterns of persons released from state prisons in 2005 by offender characteristics, prior criminal history, and commitment offense. It provides estimates on the number and types of crimes former inmates commit both prior to their imprisonment and after release. The report includes different measures of recidivism, including a new arrest, court adjudication, conviction, and incarceration for either a new sentence or a technical violation.

It also documents the extent to which the released prisoners committed crimes in states other than the one that released them. Data are from the Bureau of Justice Statistics' Recidivism Study of State Prisoners Released in 2005, which tracked a sample of former inmates from 30 states for five years following release in 2005. The findings are based on prisoner records obtained from the state departments of corrections through the National Corrections Reporting Program (NCRP) and criminal history records obtained through requests to the FBI's Interstate Identification Index (III) and state repositories via the International Justice and Public Safety Network (Nlets).

Supplemental Tables (Most serious commitment offense and types of post-release arrest charges of prisoners released in 30 states in 2005) (PDF) (CSV) has been added.


by Matthew R. Durose, Alexia D. Cooper, Ph.D., Howard N. Snyder, Ph.D., Bureau of Justice Statistics

As to folks we advocate for the key re-arrest rate is expressed here: "Among prisoners released for rape or sexual assault in 30 states in 2005, an estimated 5.6% were re-arrested for rape or sexual assault within 5 years of release" See PDF (20,422 X .056 = 1,145 were re-arrested for new sex offense over that 5-year period)

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