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A n Exploration of the Sex Offender Specialization and Violence Nexus

Kentucky 2009:


Two commonly researched topics surrounding sexual offending are recidivism and specialization. The widely-accepted belief that sex offenders recidivate at a higher rate than other offenders, in conjunction with the misconception that sex offenders specialize in purely sexual crimes and general criminality, has compelled policymakers to enact conservative legislation.

This study assesses the accuracy of these perceptions through an analysis of the non-sex crimes of a sample of 229 currently incarcerated registered sex offenders in Kentucky. The focus of the current study is to explore the heterogeneity among sex offenders as a whole by assessing differences in criminal behavior and offender characteristics of sex offenders who are currently incarcerated for non-sex violent and non-sex nonviolent offenses.

Bivariate results suggest that offender age, race, victim age, registration violation, multiple victims, and sex offense severity all significantly differ between sex offenders as conditioned by offense violence. Multivariate results suggest that sex offenders with a child victim and registration violation were less likely to be violent offenders and that offenders with multiple victims were also more likely to be violent. ..Source.. by Megan Magers, University of Central Florida and Wesley G. Jennings, University of Louisville and Richard Tewksbury, University of Louisville and J. Mitchell Miller, University of Texas San Antonio

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