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The Impact of Community Notification on Sex Offender Reintegration: A Quantitative Review of the Research Literature

2012 National:

The purpose of this review was to better understand the impact of community notification, known as “Megan’s Law,” on sex offenders’ reintegration into the community. Eight quantitative studies that examined the social and psychological impact of community notification on adult sex offenders (N = 1,503) were reviewed.

The pattern of results across studies showed considerable similarities despite marked variability in the populations examined, survey methods used, and response rates obtained. Sex offenders rarely reported being the target of vigilante attacks. Substantial minorities reported exclusion from residence and job loss as social consequences of being publicly identified as sex offenders in their communities.

The majority of offenders reported negative psychological consequences of notification but also identified benefits of knowing that others were monitoring their behavior. More intrusive notification strategies were associated with higher rates of socially destabilizing consequences. Results are discussed in terms of their policy and research implications. ..Source.. by "Lasher and McGrath" (2012) (Have disk copy)

These researchers failed to look for the real vigilantism occurring which many registrants also are not aware of. see blogs "Vigilantism" and "Murders and Killings" and its archive and "Suicides"

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