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New Hampshire Sex Offender Recidivism Rates

5-2-15 New Hampshire:

It seems NH doesn't want the world to know the specific recidivism rates for sex offenders. The way the state compiles its recidivism rates is by groups: Violent, Property, Drug and Public Order. In addition their definition of recidivism is misleading "Recidivism rate refers to the percentage of a cohort, or sub-group, of offenders who are re-incarcerated in the state’s prison system as a result of a new sentence, a parole revocation or a probation revocation, within three years of their release." That making it impossible to get true recidivism rates by crime types.

With that in mind we looked at their 2014 report (2008 cohorts/releases) Appendix-B (very last page) and summing all sex related groups came cup with roughly 20% remembering that includes returns to prison for non sex crimes (Technical violations) as well.

They do have another page of all of their past recidivism reports on this site which folks may wish to review.

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