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Family Violence Statistics: Including Statistics on Strangers and Acquaintances

June 2005 NCJ 207846:

Compares family and nonfamily violence statistics from victimization through the different stages of the justice system. Family violence is defined as all types of violent crime committed by an offender who is related to the victim and includes spouse abuse, parental violence against a child, and violence among other family members.

Nonfamily relationships used for comparison include boyfriends and girlfriends, friends and acquaintances, and strangers. Data are drawn from victimization surveys, official police statistics, State and Federal court statistics, and surveys of inmates in State prisons and local jails.

  • Family violence accounted for 11% of all reported and unreported violence between 1998 and 2002.
  • About 22% of murders in 2002 were family murders.
  • Of the nearly 500,000 men and women in State prisons for a violent crime in 1997, 15% were there for a violent crime against a family member.
..Source.. by Matthew R. Durose, Caroline Wolf Harlow, Ph.D., Patrick A. Langan, Ph.D., Mark Motivans, Ph.D., Ramona R. Rantala, Erica L. Schmitt

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