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Registered Sex Offenders and Reported Sex Offenses

November 2014:

Geographic restrictions on registered sex offenders (RSOs) have become commonplace. Such policies generally assume that sex offenses are likely to be higher near RSOs. Yet, few ecological studies have examined this question empirically.

The current study examines whether incidences of reported sex offenses are higher in proximity to the addresses of RSOs. Specifically, we examine whether there is a relationship between the number of reported sex offenses and the number of RSOs living in square grid cells (and in 1,000, 1,500, and 2,500 ft radii of the cell centroid) in Indianapolis.

Count models indicate that the number of RSOs in an area is not a robust predictor of reported sex offenses, net of controls. ..Source.. by Thomas D. Stucky and John R. Ottensmann

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