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NACDL: Road Map to Restoration

May 2014:

Since 2012, NACDL’s Task Force on Restoration of Rights and Status After Conviction has embarked on a study of relief mechanisms available to those with a conviction on their record on the local, state and federal level. The release of Collateral Damage: America’s Failure to Forgive or Forget in the War on Crime - A Roadmap to Restore Rights and Status After Arrest or Conviction, is NACDL’s comprehensive report detailing the stigma and policies associated with labeling individuals with second-class status because of their convictions.

In addition, the report lays out ten recommendations we as a nation should take to ensure that the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are within reach of all regardless of past mistakes.

We hope you take time to read the report and reflect on what you as an individual can do to ensure that second chances are allotted for not only the wealthy and well positioned, but all of us. ..Source.. by NACDL’s Task Force

For those folks who just want to see what processes are available state-by-state: CLICK

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