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Maybe in my backyard: A correlational study of registered sex offender residences in an urban area from a social disorganization approach

March 2014:

Current post-release sanctions for convicted sex offenders centers on registration, residency restrictions, and treatment. One of the collateral consequences of these policies is the limitation of available housing to registered sex offenders to certain areas.

This quantitative study used a correlational design to examine census records and the sex offender registry for a major metropolitan area in an effort to determine if social disorganization within a community is correlated to the presence of sex offenders within the same community.

The study involved an examination of the community characteristics of the 787 census tracts and the residential addresses of 5,886 registered sex offenders within Harris County, Texas. It was found that there was a statistically significant correlation between social disorganization and sex offender residences within the community. Sex offender residency is discussed in the context of economic considerations rather than social-familial context. Policy and future research considerations are also discussed. ..Source.. by Mark Rubin & Jeffrey Rush

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