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Guide to COSA Project Development



The need for comprehensive training resources for Circles of Support and Accountability was identified several years ago. That was the beginning of a journey that has produced several videos and two guides. The first Guide is entitled, Circles of support and Accountability: A Guide to Training Potential Volunteers 2002 and now this Guide entitled Circles of Support and Accountability: Guide to Project Development 2003. These resources are intended to provide help for individuals and communities who are considering Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) in their communities and to help maintain the dialogue between COSA's within Canada and around the world. We are grateful for the feedback that we have received along the way and look forward to continued feedback from all those interested in the challenging work.

This production of the resource material is pioneering work. It takes courage and dedication and several people need to be acknowledged for their vision, time and hard work.

Andrew McWhinnie, David Dyck, and Evan Heise are the pioneer Co-ordinators for Circles of Support and Accountability. They, along with a network of individuals working in this field, have been instrumental in developing this resource. In their capacities, they each contributed portions to this manual and provided valuable feedback. We are especially grateful to Andrew McWhinnie who drafted the original document and submitted it to the editing process. Rev. Christina Guest brought her expert editing skills to both volumes and provided invaluable support. Rev. David Molzahn provided the national leadership to bring the project to completion in its present form.

A heart-felt thank you is owed to each of these individuals and, beyond them, to all those who contribute in many other ways to the ongoing development of Circles of Support and Accountability.

Copyright - Correctional service of Canada
Cat. No. JS82-102/2003E
ISBN 0-662-33842-1

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