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Public Knowledge and Use of Sexual Offender Internet Registries: Results From a Random Digit Dialing Telephone Survey

December 2013:

The present study examines public knowledge and use of a sexual offender Internet registry in New Jersey. A 20-item random digit dial telephone survey of 1,016 New Jersey residents was completed to determine public awareness and use of the New Jersey Sex Offender Internet Registry (NJSOIR).

Approximately 51% of respondents reported knowledge of the NJSOIR, while 17% had accessed the site. Of those who accessed the site, 68% took some preventive measure based on the information they obtained.

Logistic regression analyses demonstrate that ethnicity, education, and Internet access were associated with residents’ knowledge of the NJSOIR, while sex, race, education, being the parent/caregiver of a child below 18 years of age, and access to the Internet were associated with respondents’ likelihood to visit the registry website.

These results suggest that an intervention that will increase public awareness of sex offender registries and provide specific preventive measures the public can take is needed. ..Source.. by Douglas J. Boyle, JD, PhD -and- Laura M. Ragusa-Salerno, MA -and- Andrea Fleisch Marcus, MPH -and- Marian R. Passannante, PhD -and- Susan Furrer, PsyD

A few notes:

Only 51% had knowledge of registries? I find that hard to believe in this day and age. Especially with the excessive broadcasting of registry information by every politician wanting reelection and the media.

I love to hear from folks as to what kinds of "preventative measures" can one take after obtaining knowledge of registry information?

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