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A Second Chance: Charting a New Course for Re-Entry and Criminal Justice Reform

October 2013:

“A Second Chance” examines the impact of four barriers that make re-entry more difficult and recidivism more likely—predatory prison phone rates; inadequate access to education; restrictions on employment; and restrictions on voting. The report discusses the consequences of these practices and makes a series of policy recommendations regarding their reform. 

Full Report (PDF)

Table of Contents

Foreword by Michelle Alexander
Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: The Problem of Mass Incarceration
Chapter III: Navigating Life after Re-Entry
Chapter IV: The Dirty Little Secret of Exorbitant Prison Phone Rates
Chapter V: Education Works, So Why Isn’t There More of It?
Chapter VI: Out of Prison, Out of Work
Chapter VII: When Millions of Americans Aren’t Allowed to Vote, It’s Bad for the Citizen and Bad for the Community
Conclusion and Recommendations

..Source.. by Civil Rights .org

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