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Sexually Violent Predators Civil Commitment by State

2007 National:

Civil Commitment: As of March 14, 2007, 20 States civilly commit sex offenders. Of these 20 States 11 states civilly commit juvenile sex offenders. Pennsylvania is the only state that civilly commits juveniles but not
----On January 1, 2007, New Hampshire’s civil commitment law went in to effect, bringing the total
number of states that civilly commit sex offenders to 19.

----On March 14, 2007, Governor Elliot Spizer signed New York’s civil commitment bill into law, making
New York the 20th state to enact civil commitment legislation. The Act will go in to effect on April 14,
... ...Source.. by Nicole Pittman Esq, Juvenile Justice Policy Analyst Attorney, Defender Association of Philadelphia

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