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College Students’ Punitive Attitudes toward Five Types of Sex Offenders: Examining Factors that Influence Punitive Preferences

This is a very interesting paper...
April 2013:

The purpose of this study is to examine college students’ punitive attitudes toward five different types of sex offenders. In addition, various factors that influence college students’ punitive attitudes will be measured in order to assess their significance. Surveys were administered to a total of 809 students at a large southern university. Through the utilization of descriptive vignettes, the survey measured students’ demographic, educational, attitudinal, and crime-related characteristics as well as recommended sanction and punishment preferences for five different sex offenders. The results suggest that college students’ punitive attitudes significantly differ based on sex offender characteristics. Through ordinary least squares (OLS) regression analysis, significant effects of various factors on punitive attitudes were found for each type of sex offender. ..Source.. by Kathryn T. Smith, Kennesaw State University, ksmit249@students.kennesaw.edu

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