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Where to find sex offenders: An examination of residential locations and neighborhood conditions.


Drawing on observational data of the residential locations of a sample of convicted sex offenders in Seminole County, Florida, this study explores the residential proximity of sex offenders to places potential child victims congregate and the neighborhood conditions/structures present in such communities. Analysis draws on routine activities theory and incorporates objective measurements of neighborhood disorganization and negative attributes. Results suggest that sex offenders are only moderately likely to reside in close proximity to child congregation locations and the neighborhoods of sex offenders' residences are only fairly disorganized. Additionally, only about one‐half of the sample subject to restrictions on residential locations is in compliance. The utility of incorporating measures of community conditions/structures to routine activities theory is somewhat beneficial for the study of sex offenders. ..Source.. by Richard Tewksbury & Elizabeth Ehrhardt Mustaine
Study does not mention if those sex offenders had children of their own making them likely to reside there for the sake of their children. eAdvocate

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