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Ten Percent of Underage Sex Crime Victims Meet Assailant Online

December 2012 South Korea:

One in 10 children and teens who suffered sexual assault last year was the victim of an offender they had met online.

A survey by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family of 2,180 underage victims and 1,682 sex offenders in 2011 shows that 51.7 percent of the victims were sexually abused by members of their immediate family, 14.5 percent by other relatives, and 9.1 percent by neighbors or acquaintances.

Some 9.5 percent of the victims met the offenders via Internet chat.

"As more youngsters have easy access to online chat, the risk of exposure to sexual assault and prostitution is increasing," said Ko Ui-soo from the ministry's sexual crimes division. "Parents and teachers should call their attention to the dangers of online chat with adults they don't know."

Many of the sex offenders were unemployed (30.7 percent) or blue-collar workers (25.5 percent), but some 10 percent were office workers (8.2 percent) and professionals (2.5 percent). ..Source.. by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

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