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A Grounded Look at the Debate Over Prison-Based Education: Optimistic Theory Versus Pessimistic Worldview


Debate over prison-based education continues to divide scholars. Central to this debate are two contradictory perspectives on prison education. These perspectives are (a) an idealistic/optimistic view regarding prison education and (b) a pessimistic reaction to prison education. We located the debate on the contemporary political context (prison-based education Pell Grants). Until its elimination in 1993/1994 with the passage of the Crime Bill, Pell Grants were the primary sources of funding for postsecondary, correctional-education programming in America. This recent, external, environmental change on our penal systems has profound political, economic, and social implications that might be too important and too costly to ignore. ..Source.. by Charles B. A. Ubah, Georgia College and State University Milledgeville -and- Robert L. Robinson Jr., Lincoln University of Missouri

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