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Failure-to-Register Laws and Public Safety: An Examination of Risk Factors and Sex Offense Recidivism.

4-12-2012 National:

The goals of this study were to describe the characteristics of a sample of sex offenders charged with failure to register (FTR) in New York State, compare the FTR and non-FTR groups on relevant risk factors, identify risk factors associated with failing to register, and investigate the relationship between registration noncompliance and both general and sexual rearrest.

FTR offenders were found to be younger, more likely to be a minority race, and have more extensive and varied prior criminal histories as well as a record of supervision violations. Results also indicated that FTR was more strongly correlated with nonsexual recidivism (r = .44) than sexual recidivism (r = .09).

FTR contributed to the likelihood of sexual recidivism for rapists of adult victims, but not for sex offenders with child victims, and occurred in combination with a history of prior sexual crimes and versatility in criminal offending. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved).

..For the remainder of this research: by Levenson JS, Sandler JC, Freeman NJ.

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