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West Virginia Sexual Violence Benchbook

Chapter 8 covers everything about registration in West Virginia.
December 2010:

The West Virginia Sexual Violence Benchbook was produced by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals through its project, the Stop Violence Against Women Program. This project was funded in substantial part by a Violence Against Women Act grant under the Stop Violence Against Women Program (Grant Nos. 06-VAW-007, 07-VAW-003 and 08- VAW-03) administered by the West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice Services. Further support was provided by the West Virginia Supreme Court and its Administrative Office.

The statutes, rules and cases contained and discussed in this Benchbook are current through September 1, 2010. All relevant statutory amendments and new legislation enacted during the 2010 legislative sessions are included. Additionally, all relevant case law through the January 2010 term is included. One case from the current September
2010 Term, State v. Jessica Jane M., Case No. 35441, 2010 WL 3619526, is also included.

This Benchbook is intended primarily as a resource for West Virginia judges and other judicial officers. Information contained in this publication may also be useful for other court personnel, prosecuting attorneys, defense counsel, law enforcement officers and rape crisis service providers. All readers are advised that discussions and suggestions regarding these legal issues represent the collective professional judgment of the Benchbook authors and the Domestic Violence Advisory Committee for Stop Violence Against Women Program, and are not to be considered as authoritative statements or interpretations of the law by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

..For the remainder of this benchbook:

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