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Treating Pedophiles: Therapy Can Work, But It's a Challenge

12-16-2011 Minnesota:

For years David Prescott sat face to face with pedophiles, trying to evaluate if the people before him were making progress in treatment.

Prescott is a licensed therapist who worked in Minnesota, one of the 20 states that have passed civil commitment laws. Courts in these states have the power to confine child molesters, rapists and other sex offenders who have finished their prison sentences but are deemed too dangerous to re-enter the community. The former inmates can stay there indefinitely, or until they prove therapy has made them safe to leave.

"So far, research shows that treatment very definitely can work," Prescott said. But critics of the treatment point out that psychotherapy doesn't work if someone drops out of therapy, or is kicked out. And treatment centers can cost tens of thousands of dollars per person each year. A 2011 government audit showed Minnesota spent $120,000 annually per person in civil commitment. (See also: Audit: Inconsistencies, high cost in Minn. sex offender treatment )

Two decades of published work with sex offenders haven't produced a cure Prescott said. (Added by eAdvocate: One must understand DESIRE and be able to explain it, before one will understand why there is no cure for sexual desire, inherent in all human beings. Instead of thinking "Cure" one must view this in the sense of "Management."). Instead, therapists aim to help pedophiles resist their urges. (i.e., management) ..Source.. by Lauren Cox, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor

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