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Diagnostic and Risk Profiles Among Civilly Committed Sex Offenders in Washington State

Washington 2007:

Since 1990, 17 states have passed legislation allowing for the civil commitment of a small number of sex offenders who are deemed at a particularly high risk for reoffense. Despite the very public and controversial nature of these laws, little is known about the individuals who are detained pursuant to them. The current article presents data on 190 civilly committed and detained sexually violent predators in Washington State. These sexual offenders suffer from a variety of mental illnesses. The modal offender is diagnosed with both an Axis I and an Axis II disorder. Furthermore, these offenders are at moderate to high risk for reoffense and present with a significant degree of psychopathy.

For the remainder of this paper: by Rebecca L. Jackson, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Palo Alto, CA -and- Henry J. Richards, Special Commitment Center, Steilacoom,WA

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