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Position Statement - California Sex Offender Management Board - Adam Walsh Act

2-16-2009 California:

The California Sex Offender Management Board recommends the following related to Adam Walsh Act implementation.

The California State Legislature, Governor and citizens should elect not to come into compliance with the Adam Walsh Act. Current effective California state law and practice related to offender risk assessment, juvenile registration and sex offender monitoring is more consistent with evidence-based practice that can demonstrate real public safety outcomes.

Instead of incurring the substantial - and un-reimbursed - costs associated with the Adam Walsh Act, California should absorb the comparatively small loss of federal funds that would result from not accepting the very costly and ill-advised changes to state law and policy required by the Act.

Any funding cuts to the JAG / Byrne grants to local law enforcement should be offset with other funds
to ensure that the vital public safety work of those programs is continued. ..Source.. by The California Sex Offender Management Board

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