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Analyzing the Impact of a Statewide Residence Restriction Law on South Carolina Sex Offenders

March 2009:

Recently, several states have enacted legislation that restricts sex offenders from living in close proximity to certain areas in an effort to counter recidivism and alleviate community safety concerns. The South Carolina Legislature is currently debating two pieces of legislation that would prohibit registered sex offenders from living in close proximity to schools, daycare centers, child recreational facilities, parks, playgrounds, bus stops, and other areas where children are known to congregate. Given the recent emergence of residence restriction statutes, insufficient research has examined their impact on offenders, communities, and the criminal justice system. Using spatial analysis, four of the six South Carolina counties with the highest number of registered sex offenders are examined in relation to the effects of the two proposed statewide residence restriction laws. Implications concerning offender access to housing and treatment opportunities are discussed along with potential effects to local communities and the criminal justice system.

Available from: by J.C. Barnes, Tony Dukes, Richard Tewksbury, and Timothy M. De Troye, Criminal Justice Policy Review, Mar 2009; vol. 20: pp. 21 - 43.

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