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What Works: Effective Recidivism Reduction and Risk-Focused Prevention Programs

February 2008:

A Compendium of Evidence-Based Options for Preventing New and Persistent Criminal Behavior

Executive Summary:
This report identifies and describes interventions that are effective in reducing recidivism and preventing crime. The primary audience is the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, and the primary goal of this compendium is to assist the Commission in carrying out its mission and statutory duties. These duties include investigating evidence-based recidivism reduction initiatives and costeffective crime prevention programs.

Descriptions of the findings presented in this summary can be found in the body of the report where relevant studies are referenced. Complete citations can be found in the bibliography.

This report is based on a comprehensive and systematic review of the criminology literature on what works to reduce recidivism or prevent the onset of delinquent and criminal behavior. Information was obtained by reviewing evaluation and other reports on correctional interventions and early, risk-focused prevention programs operating in the United States and Canada. To identify what works, both quality
and consistency of the evidence was considered. Quality was addressed by basing the conclusions presented here on the latest and most rigorous scientific evidence available. Consistency was addressed by focusing on research that synthesized the evaluation results from many studies and programs.

For the remainder of this 146 page study: Prepared for: Division of Criminal Justice, Jeanne M. Smith, Director, Colorado Department of Public Safety, Peter A. Weir, Executive Director by RKC Group, Roger Przybylski

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