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Collateral Consequences of Sex Offender Registration



Sex offender registrationwas widely implemented in the 1990s as a means of enhancingcommunity awareness of sex offenders to promote community safety. This study is one of the first examinations of the collateral consequences of sex offender registration from the perspective of the offender. Drawing on data from 121 registered sex offenders in Kentucky, this research shows that social stigmatization, loss of relationships, employment, and housing, and both verbal and physical assaults are experienced by a significant minority of registered sex offenders.

This paper is available from: by Richard Tewksbury, University of Louisville

eAdvocate note:

1) The sample (121 RSOs from the Kentucky registry) is the exact same sample used in Tewksbury's "Sex Offender Registries as a Tool for Public Safety: Views from Registered Offenders" as verified by Table-1 of both studies;

2) Reviewing this study was interesting but there were two charts which caught my eye, they follow:

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