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VT- Outcome of a Treatment Program for Adult Sex Offenders

2003 Vermont:

This study examined the recidivism rates of 195 adult male sex offenders who were referred to a prison-based cognitive-behavioral treatment program. Of this sample, 56 participants completed treatment, 49 entered but did not complete treatment, and 90 refused treatment services. Although participants were not randomly assigned to treatment conditions, there were no between-group differences on participants’ pre-treatment risk for sexual recidivism as appraised on two actuarial risk measures, the RRASOR and Static-99. Over a mean follow-up period of almost 6 years, the sexual reoffense rate for the completed-treatment group was 5.4% versus 30.6% for the some-treatment and 30.0% for the no-treatment groups. Lower sexual recidivism rates were also found among those participants who received aftercare treatment and correctional supervision services in the community. ..Source..(Purchase) by Robert J. McGrath and Georgia Cumming, Vermont Department of Corrections -and- Joy A. Livingston, Flint Springs Consulting -and- Stephen E. Hoke , Vermont Department of Corrections

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