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OH- Ten-Year Recidivism Follow-Up Of 1989 Sex Offender Releases

April 2001:

The baseline recidivism rate of sex offenders followed-up for ten years after release from prison was 34%. (That is both sex offenses and non sex offenses and technical violations.)

This rate was comprised of:
Recommitment for a New Crime 22.3% (Sex Offense 8.0% -and- Non-Sex Offense 14.3%)

Recommitment for a Technical Violation 11.7% (Sex Offense 1.3% -and- Sex Lapse 1.7% -and- Non-sex Related 8.7%)

The total sex-related recidivism rate, including technical violations of
supervision conditions, was 11.0%.

Recidivism rates differed considerably based on a victim typology:
Sex Offender TypeGeneral RecidivismSex Recidivism
Rapists (adult victims)56.6%17.5%
Child Molester – extrafamilial29.2%8.7%
Child Molester – incest13.2%7.4%

Sex offenders who returned for a new sex related offense did so within a few years of release. Of all the sex offenders who came back to an Ohio prison for a new sex offense, one half did so within two years, and two-thirds within three years.

Paroled Sex offenders completing basic sex offender programming (level 1) while incarcerated appeared to have a somewhat lower recidivism rate than those who did not have programming. This was true both for recidivism of any type (33.9% with programming recidivated compared with 55.3% without programming) and sex-related recidivism (7.1% with programming recidivated compared with 16.5% without programming). ..more.. by State of Ohio, Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

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